Flexible Vision

AI Vision System









AI For Your Factory

Flexible Vision is an AI machine vision software and hardware solution that enables your team to quickly and easily solve difficult visual inspections. The cloud portal allows your teams to collaborate and share vision inspection programs across factory floors and gives your engineers valuable image analytics and traceability.

Monitor Clear Liquid Level

Whether your factory if filling vials or bottles, count on high speed level detention with traceability.

Bent CPU Pin Inspection

Detect a variety of PCB defects including damage, solder balls, solder bridges and more.

Organic Object Detection

Dynamic objects like fruit, nuts, and vegetables are no problem. Increase throughput and efficient in your food processing facility with AI vision.

Automate Vehicle Inspection

Whether you are looking to automate insurance claims or add post assembly inspection to your factory. AI vision is the answer.


Tagging images has never been easier. Drag and drop tag boxes with ease from our intuitive web interface. If you ever need to retrain your project there is no need to draw your tags, Flexible Vision will predict your tag boxes for you.



Training your model harnessing the computing power of the cloud. Training takes minutes not hours. Add some spice to your training using our augmentation feature. Our automated training process makes creating AI models effortless. 



Run your models in the cloud by uploading images, taking snapshots with a webcam, or using our phone app. You can also run your models on our on-prem edge device. 



Intuitive Design

Our intuitive user interface allows you to create AI vision models without the need of complex vision libraries and detection tools. Our all in one web app gives you access to AI, the future of machine vision.

Fast Tagging

Knowing that tagging pictures can be a time consuming process, we have built in a plethora of shortcuts to help you tag quickly.

Big Data Focused

All data points connect. Your on-prem devices sync on a custom timer interval to the cloud. Your cloud analytics dashboard shows live updates of items found, prediction times, number of items, and even relative position your item was found.  On-prem devices also log predictions and images locally.