AI Vision for the Factory floor

AI machine vision for your factory floor

Use any camera

Deploy a camera or vision system of your choice, or choose one of ours.

No programming required

No time-consuming algorithm development or costly IT maintenance.

On-prem or Cloud-based

Use a centralized and secure cloud-based repository to run your models.

Deploy and train in 30 minutes

Quickly download, tag, train, and run your prediction.


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Flexible Vision is a machine vision solution that enables your team to quickly and easily solve difficult visual inspections.

Key Hardware Capabilities

GigE POE cameras

Connect up to 16 GigE cameras to a single processor

USB camera compatible

Use a consumer grade USB camera or one of our industrial grade models. Both USB 3.0 and UVC compatible.

Industrial grade processor unit

Our processors units are rated to handle vibration, extreme temperatures, and dust. Optional IP67 units are available.

Works with traditional machine vision cameras

Connect any traditional smart camera and add trackability and deep learning to your application 

High speed and high Accuracy

Resolutions from 1.3mp to 20mp. Typical processing times are 50-250ms. 

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Key Software Capabilities

Train and deploy in 30 minutes

Quickly download, tag, train, and run your prediction.

Logical Tools Sets

Barcode Reading, OCR, Color, Pass/Fail, Orientation, Calibrated XY Rotation

No programming required

No time consuming algorithm development or costly IT amintenance.

On-prem or cloud based

Use centralized and secure cloud based repository to run your models.

Track and Analyze

Auto-archive and analyze  your images to track what you need.

Trace and Search

Set search parameters to find and trace image sets.

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Our Engineering services

Our dedicated engineering staff can quickly customize a solution to fit your needs.

Standard Solutions

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Custom Solutions

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