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Flexible Vision is an AI machine vision software and hardware solution that enables your team to quickly and easily solve difficult visual inspections

Key Product Capabilities

Deploy and train in 30 minutes

Quickly download, tag, train, and run your prediction.

Use any camera or vision system

Deploy a camera or vision system of your choice, or choose one of ours.

No programming required

No time-consuming algorithm development or costly IT maintenance.

On-prem or Cloud-based

Use a centralized and secure cloud-based repository to run your models.

Track and analyze

Auto-archive and analyze your images to track what you need.

Trace and search

Set search parameters to find and trace image sets.

Easily Create and Deploy AI Vision Models

Rapid Prediction

Our high speed industrial processors quickly process your images. Simply select the ai model from a dropdown and watch the detections live on screen. Our systems are designed for either manual inspection stations or incorporated into traditional factory automation. Our systems are IO and field-bus compatible.

Archiving & Traceability

Logging run results is built in. When a edge processor is online, images and meta data is automatically synced to your cloud portal. Search your archived images by serial number, date/time, station ID, and more. have peace of mind knowing your data is there when you need it.

Cloud Tagging Application

Tag your image set quickly and easily with our cloud based tagging app. Our intuitive user interface is filled with user shortcuts to cut down on tagging time. Simply add images to your dataset, tag, and train. Its that easy.

Comprehensive Analytics

Your analytics dashboard highlights the detections across your factory floor. Measure throughput and trend defect failures over time. As the edge processors sync their images and meta data, your dashboard is updated in near real-time and can alert supervisors if irregularities are detected.

The cloud portal allows your teams to collaborate and share vision inspection programs across factory floors and gives your engineers valuable image analytics and traceability.


Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage manufacturing and distribution firms use Flexible Vision for tight requirements and variances in key steps of the food packaging and logistics process.


Manage automotive manufacturing tolerances with Flexible Vision’s Machine Learning detection and analytics systems.

Industrial and Assembly

Flexible Vision can be seamlessly integrated into most industrial and assembly environments, and is used worldwide in a variety of assembly applications.

Pharmaceutical & Medical

Flexible Vision’s pharmaceutical and medical applications focus on the specific variances and quality issues that can come up during the manufacturing and QC validation process.

3 Simple Steps

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