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QC inspection, inventory management, and more

Parcel inspection must be rapid, effective, and accurate. It must also meet your high standards for efficiency, inventory control, and regulatory requirements. Flexible Vision meets all of these needs, and has been deployed across multiple environments that, in the past, previous solutions haven’t been able to solve.

These include:
● QC detection, in the box, prior to shipment.
● Inventory management and adjudication.
● Image archiving and search, to query specific items and shipments for parcel verification.
● Accurate operation across multiple lighting environments.

Learn more about all parcel inspection applications by speaking with one of our application engineers about your specific needs.

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Detect defects in PCB soldering joints, post assembly inspection, QC in cargo inspection, and more

Flexible Vision has been used with X-Ray Inspection systems in multiple environments. These include industrial use cases that detect soldering joint defects in printed circuit boards, cargo inspection, and detection of missing components (post assembly). The solution can be integrated with most x-ray inspection hardware on the market today, thus reducing your capital expenditure of deployment of an ML x-ray inspection system.

Our team can assist with integration with your existing hardware, or we can consult with you in choosing the proper hardware for your x-ray inspection application. Contact one of our engineers, and we’re ready to assist.

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Operator QC or robotic QC at any vision workstation

Flexible Vision is used in multiple assembly environments requiring tight tolerances and quality needs. There are two key environments where deployment has been successful where other QC inspection methods fall short:

Operator QC
Use Flexible Vision at assembly workstations to monitor and verify that key work instructions have been followed by the operator, and that the final assembly meets engineering requirements.

Robotic Assembly QC
Flexible Vision’s inspection system integrates seamlessly with industrial robots and PLCs, inspecting every step of the assembly process, allowing the process to be dynamic, to adjust and meet your quality requirements. As an example, Flexible Vision has been deployed in dynamic assembly environments where robotic systems may need to adapt to environmental variables.

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Scalable across multiple nodes, and multiple types of vision systems

Flexible Vision’s machine learning solution is scalable across multiple nodes, and multiple types of vision systems required of your factory process. Common integrations include vision QC workstations, robotic applications, and within the workflow of the assembly operator. Flexible Vision’s key advantage is working accurately and precisely across multiple lighting environments, and with different types of hardware, thus saving your factory significant capital expenditure in deploying and maintaining a high-quality machine learning system.

Learn more about how Flexible Vision can integrate with your factory and assembly environment by reaching out to one of our application engineers about your specific needs.