Flexible Vision is an AI machine vision software and hardware solution that enables your team to quickly and easily solve difficult visual inspections.

The cloud portal allows your teams to collaborate and share vision inspection programs across factory floors.


Image Archiving & Search

Easily locate and trace the images that matter to you.

The Flexible Vision Dashboard is a basecamp to understand what is happening on your factory floor. With our elastic search you can quickly filter through hundreds of thousands of logged results to find the information you need. Filter your data by date range or simply type in the name of object you are looking for.

Rapid & Accurate Prediction

Tag your images with one click. and run your prediction in minutes.

The ‘Snap and Find’ tool is a point-and-click interface for applying labels to your selected images. Simply by clicking on your images, you assign labels the aspects of items you’d like to identify. This gives you the flexibility and power to spot, track, and trace just about anything in your workflow.

Prediction Analytics

Image it. Measure it. Manage it.

Track your core metrics with Flexible Vision’s robust set of analytics tools. Flexible Vision is the only machine learning analytics platform that gives you a complete dataset of images and events, with zero need for additional engineering or technician resources. With powerful self-serve analysis of events at your local worksite, you are empowered to take rapid action on process concerns.

On-Prem/Cloud Based

Turn Images into Action, Locally or Globally

Flexible Vision helps you to understand what’s happening with your workflow, at your local worksite, or at multiple sites across the globe. Flexible Vision can detect advanced image signals that help you make rapid decisions to improve your processes and quality, and reduce error and cost.

We give you the tools to turn that images into action, including:

  • • On-prem or cloud-based deployment: Flexible Vision can be deployed to your local server at your work-site, or it can be deployed to the cloud.
  • • Rapid, multi-site scaling: Flexible Vision can also be deployed to multiple nodes, depending on your application.
  • • Simple sharing of your machine learning prediction models across sites: Share trainings within your organization, or access trainings on the Flexible Vision hub, to reduce overall data usage, and speed prediction deployment.

Getting started is easy

Interested in a demo of Flexible Vision's Machine Learning platform? Contact us to schedule with our engineering team!