Flexible Vision can be quickly deployed and integrated, on-prem, or in the cloud, with most Semiconductor applications

Flexible Vision can be seamlessly integrated into most Semiconductor environments, and is used worldwide in a variety of assembly applications.

The key advantages of Flexible Vision in the industrial and assembly space include:
● Rapid deployment, with one node, or multiple nodes, locally or globally, depending on your semiconductor manufacturing requirement.
● Simple integration into the workstation with the use of most camera systems on the market today, including x-ray, infrared, and visible frequency camera systems.
● Use in dynamic assembly environments, where robotic applications need to adjust to variable environmental conditions.
● Cleanroom compliant workstation integration and robotic integration.

Some key detection use cases include:
● Circuit board coating analysis
● X-ray inspection
● Bent pin inspection
● Soldering QC

Learn more about how Flexible Vision can integrate with your semiconductor manufacturing process by reaching out to one of our application engineers about your specific needs.